Redheaded Writing Hood

Hi welcome to my page. I am Redheaded Writing Hood AKA Susan Hewitt Story

I'm an Author/Poet/Musician

My Elephant friend

Two weeks ago

I was on my way to Mexico, 

Oh the Adventures I've had! 

And the people I've met! 

My elephant friend is with me 

wherever I go 

In cold winter snow 

and when strong winds blow

I've said this poem in an elevator, 

On a ship! What a trip!

 At the doctor's and In the Bahamas  

On a catamaran out at sea, What? You'll pay me 20 bucks for my book? But look! It's 7$ on Amazon!

I said it south of the border in ol Mexico I will say it on a boat or with a goat 

I will say it here or there!  

I say my poem EVERYWHERE!

It gives goosebumps, 

Makes ladies cry, 

Men look at me wide eyed 

It makes people scratch their heads 

and think

I believe it's a "God wink"  

It's never for nothing, 

All the pain you went through 

The heart-ache, despair and despondency too, 

God will take what the enemy meant for your harm, 

And turn into a best selling song! 

And I shall tell the Wondrous Story,
And I will give Him all the glory!    


Susan Hewitt Story AKA "Redheaded Writing Hood" has been writing poetry  since she was a teen. She is also a blogger, musician, cook, avid  exerciser, gardener and the mom to five beautiful grown children. Her children's book, "What Elephant?" is available now! Look for her next book of poetry, "RED: Redeemed-Equipped-Delivered" in 2018. You can find her  on most social media as "Redheaded Writing Hood".          

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