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Hi welcome to my page. I am Redheaded Writing Hood AKA Susan Hewitt Story

I'm an Author/Poet/Musician



We're always in it
I see it
I face it
I put it on
scarlet or vermilion or bluish red crimson
Old ladies with hats are winsome
Valentines, Christmas, cars,
Leaves of Fall

Team colors

It symbolizes blood and courage
“Come now, and let us reason together,” Says the Lord,
“Though your sins are like scarlet, They shall be as white as snow;
Though they are red like crimson, They shall be as wool"
Esau was red and so was his stew
God didn't chose him but He chose you!
The Sea was Red the Israelites went through
I said I didn't love you
But I lied
I thought you knew
I couldn't have put up with all that crap we went through
Without HIS LOVE which ran red
Your cold hearted rejection cut like a knife
My blood ran red
So I wanted to hurt you too
Why don't we remember the good times?
You always focus on the bad
Never speak life to me
So sad
Left me starving for attention & affection
Does anyone think I'm good or fair?
I won't live in regret
We were all "meant to be"

Five beautiful children
Don't you see?
The thought of losing you
could leave me so brutally blue
But no just as Taylor said
Loving you was Riotously RED!


Susan Hewitt Story AKA "Redheaded Writing Hood" has been writing poetry  since she was a teen. She is also a blogger, musician, cook, avid  exerciser, Airbnb superhost and the mom to five beautiful grown children. Her children's book, "What Elephant?" is available now! Look for her next book of poetry and stories, "RED: Redeemed-Equipped-Delivered"  to come out soon! You can find her  on most social media as "Redheaded Writing Hood".          

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